Friday, February 5, 2010

A Movement or a Fad?

Interesting article over on Out of Ur: A Movement or a Fad?
On Emergent Village:

When Tall Skinny Kiwi (TSK) announced he was dropping out of Emergent there was an strong reaction. I personally see no reason to take the “friend of Emergent” banner off my blog. I still have a lot of friends in that camp. People like Brian McLaren and Steve Knight have been good friends and have helped me personally. I see no reasons to announce a break. But Andrew Jones had some good reasons that I’m not sure I understand. What’s the fuss? Why are people fretting so much over Emergent Village staying together? Are these folk too invested? For all the wrong reasons?

If Emergent is a fad, a bunch of publisher induced hype, if its conversations never really affect a sustainable, tangible progress of God’s justice in the world, we will know soon enough. If on the other hand, the leaders of Emergent work on the ground in real life movements of God in Mission, its fruit will be undeniable. Perhaps this is what Tony Jones is doing? He’s leaving the label to do work on the ground? Perhaps not. I don’t know. But for now I see no reason to worry about him or Emergent, just encourage him and everyone in it towards faithfulness in mission by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps this is what TSK is getting at for himself when he expresses “the need for some of us to move on from the label and get on with the job.” If so bravo!

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